Correct Installation of Underwater Pool Luminaires

Care must be taken to ensure the design and installation of any underwater lighting product is completed carefully and with the correct methods.

Make local connections in a dry intermediate location or junction box to avoid the need for abnormally long cables to be factory fitted to luminaire. Intermediate connection/junction box must be at least 300mm above the water line. Ensure your installer has a defined installation and wiring plan and contact the manufacturer in advance in case of any uncertainty.

The end of cables and wiring must not at any time get wet or come into contact with water whatsoever. If retrofitting, all water must be drained completely and the area must be 100% dry

Do not at not at any time operate any submersible-only luminaire outside of cool water. Only after submersion should power be energised.

To maximise lifespan, you should not operate underwater lighting continuously for more than 4-6 hours at any time

Junction box to make suitable intermediate connection between pool luminaire cable and power supply cable


Minimum 300mm

water line

Swimming Pool

Electrical Conduit

To controller/ Power supply location

Pool Luminaire

Luminaire Housing (recessed type)

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