SL9863F72 FIBRE OPTIC LIGHT FITTING SL9863F72 is a high quality fibre optic end fitting compatible for use with Superlight fibre optic lighting systems and light engines. The fitting is ideal for scenarios where service access will be technically difficult. Custom fibre optic fittings can be made to order by Superlight to suit any project. Several sizes available.


SL9863F72 As Shown


Construction Material:

Anodised Aluminium & Glass Lens


Rear Entry

Fibre Compatibility:

Solid Core, Multi Stranded, UV Sheathed

Aperture Size: Mounting Type:


Recessed / Ceiling / Joinery / Downlight

IP Protection Rating:


PHOTOMETRIC INFORMATION Photometric performance is dependant on configuration of a suitable remote mounted light engine.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Fibre optic lighting is ideal for remote access downlights, spotlighting, task lighting, galleries, museum showcases, remote indoor and outdoor fibre optic lighting, ceilings, wall features, special effects, theatre and television effects, automotive lighting, marine lighting pubs & clubs, decorative lighting, gaming lounges, animated display boards, special effect lighting CONTROL & DIMMING COMPATIBILITY (LIGHT ENGINE) Control is determined by remote mounted light engine. Available options include;RF Remote Control, DMX512, DALI, Casambi


Superlight Fibre Optic Light Fitting

Customised fibre optic cabling systems and accessories available. Custom made fibre kits can be supplied as required Individual fibre optic cable runs to specified lengths available by request Contact Superlight for assistance with specifying or ordering fibre optic lighting CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS SL9863 series fibre optic fittings can be anodised, coated or refinished according to specific request. Superlight can design and supply custom fibre optic lighting solutions as required >> Custom options may be subject to minimum order quantities

All product specifications are subject to change without notice. Superlight accepts no liabilities as a result of errors, updates or omissions. Please re-confirm all product details prior to ordering.


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