What our clients say...

“The idea’s from Superlight were absolutely amazing. ... Without the expertise, I would have messed it right up. The results have been fantastic. ... I have sculptures that he has backlit from the side and it has thrown shadows across the wall, it just looks absolutely beautiful.”

Angela - Homeowner

“I’ve been fortunate enough to use the Superlight products throughout my house. I have to admit my favourite product is the Linear Strip that I put on the stairs and also the cubes that I put on the external. ... Working with the Superlight product, I found it very simple and extremely easy to install.The linear strips cover such a great variety of area. ... Product knowledge from the staff at Superlight was exceptional.”

Anthony - Electrical Contractor

“The vibe and the atmosphere the lights create is just amazing and unique. Having so many different colours and many combinations you can create easily because they are very easy to use”

Arianna - Bar & Restaurant Manager


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