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SL2446 ADJUSTABLE SURFACE MOUNTED LUMINAIRE SL2446 is a modern designed architectural spotlight fixture especially designed for ceiling surface mounted. The unique pivot design allows the fitting to be adjusted for track or spotlighting purposes. The compact design features integral LED driver and high quality LED components.

SPECIFICATIONS Input Voltage: Power Consumption: Trim Dimensions: Base Dimensions: LED Classification: LED Quantity: Colour/Finishes:







Charcoal / Black / White Custom

Fixture Material:

Aluminium 115lm/W

Typical Light Source Efficacy:

Beam Angle Options: Adjustable Title Angle

10°/ 25°/ 30°/ 60°/ 80°

180 Swivel Tilt°

Recommended Ambient Temp:

-10 ~ +50°

IP Protection Rating:



CCT: 6000K CRI: >95 CCT: 4000K CRI: >95

SL2446-17 SL2446-21

CCT: 3000K CRI: >95 Detailed photometric report and IES files available by request

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Interior lighting, task lighting, displays & galleries, retail environments, hospitality projects, showrooms, residential applications. hotels and hospitality projects, showroom lighting and displays, residential lighting, display case lighting, ceiling downlighting, commercial fitouts, accent lighting, task lighting. 3D MODELS AND LIGHTING DESIGN Superlight can provide detailed 3D modelling and lighting design services for your project, including wiring schematics and lighting control system design. Contact us for more information.


SL2446**-27 SL2446**-21 SL2446**-17 SL2446**15

Adjustable Surface Mounted Luminaire 6W 3000K Adjustable Surface Mounted Luminaire 6W 3000K Adjustable Surface Mounted Luminaire 6W 3000K Adjustable Surface Mounted Luminaire 6W 3000K

** Specify trim colour White / Charcoal/ Black ** Specify Beam Angle

CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS Fixture colour can be refinished by special request Optional track mounted version by special request SL2446 is non dimmable Dimmable version by special request DALI control optional. Casambi Wireless Optional **Custom options may be subject to minimum order quantities



All product specifications are subject to change without notice. Superlight accepts no liabilities as a result of errors, updates or omissions. Please re-confirm all product details prior to ordering.


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