What our clients say...

“I’ve been fortunate enough to use the Superlight products throughout my house. I have to admit my favourite product is the Linear Strip that I put on the stairs and also the cubes that I put on the external. ... Working with the Superlight product, I found it very simple and extremely easy to install, as simple as any downlight I’ve ever installed. The linear strips cover such a great variety of area. ... Product knowledge from the staff at Superlight was exceptional.” Anthony - Electrical Contractor

“I was interested in lighting that would be energy efficient but would provide adequate illumination for the whole house. I was really impressed by the photographs I saw on the gallery on Superlight. ... I found the products to not only be extraordinarily good and to provide exactly what I needed but I was more than happy with the service before, during and after the sales process.” Ruben - Architect

“They really bring out the atmosphere, customers always ask to have the night lights on and have the fun stuff. Our motto here is to excite and entertain. I feel the lighting definitely contributes to the atmosphere, entertaining our customers, and engaging them really.” Cameron - AMF Bowling


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